This week is National Science week. As part of our Science learning Year 5 visited the local Science centre and took part in some very exciting investigations as scientists.

Volcanic eruptions

Year 3 have been learning all about volcanoes. Here are some images of the fantastic learning that has been occuring in Year 3.

Home learning:- Make your own coin battery!

Whilst you are waiting follow these instructions:- 1) Take 12 2p coins. 2) Take the piece of kitchen roll, draw round 2p coins and cut them out – you will need 12. 3)Take the piece of tin foil, draw around the 2p coins and cut them out -you will need 12. Then brush each piece…

How to make a rainbow

Some of the children were fascinated by the rainbow that was formed last week. Please find attached an investigation in which they can form their own rainbows at home.