Make your own lava lamp at home.

What You Do: Fill a flask/bottle most of the way with vegetable oil. Fill the rest of the flask with water. … Add a few drops of food coloring; your choice of color. … Break an alka-seltzer tablet into a few small pieces, and drop them in the flask one at a time. Watch your…

Make your own sherbert

You will need Soft icing sugar Citric acid for baking Jelly crystals (optional) This recipe couldn’t be simpler for children make. Add 3 teaspoons of soft icing sugar to a medium sized bowl. Next add 1 teaspoon of citric acid. If you wish for your sherbet to be flavoured you might choose to add 2…

Make your own crystals

Our Science ambassadors had a go at making their own crystals at Science club. Have a go at home and see what happens.Crystal NeedlesCrystal Needles


Maple class visited the science centre. They dissected a daffodil and a tulip and learned all about the different parts and their functions. They learnt how bees pollinate plants by spreading pollen on to different plants.

Year 3 Magnetism

Year 3 attended the Science centre where they were given the task of making a paper clip balance using magnets. They had to work hard in teams to make it balance and were not allowed to hold it with their hands. Mrs Leslie and all staff were very proud of their achievements.


This week is National Science week. As part of our Science learning Year 5 visited the local Science centre and took part in some very exciting investigations as scientists.

Volcanic eruptions

Year 3 have been learning all about volcanoes. Here are some images of the fantastic learning that has been occuring in Year 3.

Home learning:- Make your own coin battery!

Whilst you are waiting follow these instructions:- 1) Take 12 2p coins. 2) Take the piece of kitchen roll, draw round 2p coins and cut them out – you will need 12. 3)Take the piece of tin foil, draw around the 2p coins and cut them out -you will need 12. Then brush each piece…